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That’s what SMS Research Advisors can do for you

SMS Research Advisors is a U.S. market research and consulting firm delivering successful results for global businesses.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, SMS partners with clients to design studies that produce more than data – they lead to real strategic solutions that drive tactical plans.

The SMS Result

To create true success for clients, SMS established a “partnership” business model. This is a simple concept that combines SMS’ research expertise with the client’s expertise of his/her business segment. By developing a solid partnership early, SMS Research Advisors can develop a strong, on-target study designed to deliver the information and recommendations the client needs.

SMS does not force a methodology to solve your business needs. In fact, we may even recommend through our consultation that research is not the right solution. Our strength is in providing true value to our clients by listening to their needs then collaborating with them to deliver a successful solution.

The result of an SMS partnership is an effective and successful research plan that brings accurate alignment between the client’s business objectives and the research methodologies.

Current News...

2016: The Year of Emotion

There are strong financial incentives to becoming a more customer-centric business, and observing interactions from your customers’ vantage point. In 2016, businesses can expect to see trends in trying to emotionally connect with their customer base. This includes identifying emotional drivers behind purchases, as well as pain points in the customer experience. The ease of doing business between you and your customers can determine customer loyalty and growth from positive word of mouth.

Did you know that you can actually measure how easy customers think it is to business with you? Read more about the science behind Customer Effort Score (CES) and other ways to measure the emotional connection with customers.